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Hand Making a Copper Sink

Copper is a beautiful material that will last for many years. Copper sinks are a luxury item and worth the investment. Copper sinks are becoming more popular in kitchens and bathrooms because they can be made in variety of designs and patina.

Copper Green Patinated Bathtub Design Sink

Making copper sinks requires skills and tools. The process is initiated by heating the metal sheet for getting the copper to be formed into a bowl using hand hammer. This is because of the ductile property of copper. The thickness and other particulars about copper sheets relate to the thickness of the product that is desired to be made. The bowl drilled to have a drain hole as required.

Hand Hammered Shiny Copper Sink

The process of patination of copper comes When the time comes to give the copper sinks its final finish. The copper sink is given its characteristic color and durability by exposing it to heat. The artisans skillfully and carefully create a particular patina to the copper sink based on bathroom or kitchen decor.