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Hand Making a Copper Sink

Copper is a beautiful material that will last for many years. Copper sinks are a luxury item and worth the investment. Copper sinks are becoming more popular in kitchens and bathrooms because they can be made in variety of designs and patina.

Copper Green Patinated Bathtub Design Sink

Making copper sinks requires skills and tools. The process is initiated by heating the metal sheet for getting the copper to be formed into a bowl using hand hammer. This is because of the ductile property of copper. The thickness and other particulars about copper sheets relate to the thickness of the product that is desired to be made. The bowl drilled to have a drain hole as required.

Hand Hammered Shiny Copper Sink

The process of patination of copper comes When the time comes to give the copper sinks its final finish. The copper sink is given its characteristic color and durability by exposing it to heat. The artisans skillfully and carefully create a particular patina to the copper sink based on bathroom or kitchen decor.

How A Copper Bowl is Hand Made

Copper was the first and the most important metal in history because it was available in great quantities. Ancient Egyptians used it to make weapons, simple tools and ornaments.

hammering a copper disc placed on a wooden block hollowed to fit the profile of the required object is dating back to ancient Egypt. Copper bowl hand making takes skill to master. Artisans use simple tools to cut and form the copper into bowls in unique shapes. The simplest main shape is the round shape but there other unique shapes which have been continuously improved to fit in with evolution of our current lifestyle.

An Egyptian Artisans uses both hands and feet to form a heavy gauge bowl from scratch

Artisans utilize virgin pure copper sheeting and mark required shapes to cut onto a copper sheet with pencil or a sharpie marker, use snips (Large scissor) to cut the copper sheet and apply heat to copper using a torch. Copper starts to change color, turning different shades of bright red, purple and blue. Copper changes colors because of surface oxidation. As it is heated, a layer of black copper oxide will form, thus changing its color. As the temperature increases, the oxide layer will get thicker. The copper needs to be softened in order to form it into bowls or any other shape. This process makes shaping the metal possible with hand tools and is called annealing.

Having impressions of hammer marks on the bowls called texturing. This process is pounding the bowl by hand to form, harden, and strengthen it after it’s been softened with heat.

The textured hammered large size copper bowl can be used as a birdbath, planter, fountain, basin or water reflection pool

Copper bowls serve indoors and outdoors as sinks, pedicure basins, pots, containers, bird baths, pools, fountains, cookware, planters, ash tray etc. If you would like to see the range of copper bowls, visit a1egypt.com and pinterest.com/a1egypt_com/