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Copper Sink Buyer’s Guide

Bathtub Shape Copper Sink

Copper is unique among all elements and considered to be the first metal to be worked by man in addition to gold and iron. Copper ore holds only a small percentage of copper. There are two main types of copper ore copper oxide ores and copper sulfide ores which accounts for about 50 percent of copper production. Many of our familiar objects are made from copper such as coins, bowls, statuary and cooking ware. Nowadays, electric wires, tubes and construction roofing, plumbing and industrial machinery are made from copper.

Making a decision to buy copper sinks for bathroom or kitchen is hard. We will try to help buyers to make a decision based on our experience. The copper ore is formed into metal sheets which are fashioned into beautiful sinks. Copper makes a statement of quality, comfort and beauty for any object or project.

Many copper sinks from China, Mexico and India who are the main suppliers of copper sinks worldwide are made from recycled copper. Such cheap copper is melted down including harmful unwanted impurities. Buyers should buy copper sinks which are not made with any lead or mercury containing alloys. Such low grade copper is unsafe and unhealthy.

Copper surfaces can be satin smooth or textured with small hammer impressions. A smooth finished sink reflects a modern or contemporary style and more difficult to maintain while a textured sink fits well in rustic old world classic decor and absorbs marks and scratches. Hammering copper sink will add rigidity and strength compared with smooth surface copper sink. Also, bottom ring drain hole sinks are more sturdy than flush drain holes.

Copper sinks often come in various finishes. Copper has a living finish and never stop changing. Coating copper with a protective surface lacquer does not stop such change completely. However, buyers should be aware that sealing copper surfaces might keep finish for longer time but will lose health copper properties such as antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti fungus, …..etc.

Smooth and textured bare unfinished raw shiny polished copper sinks needs to be maintained periodically using a rug, lemon and salt to keep the surface luster. Otherwise, a darker patina will be formed as mentioned earlier.

Green patina is very popular to match rustic classic decor. Expedited patination close to natural rust process using ammonia is performed and attain decorative verde finish. Other darker patinas are utilized using heat and special mixtures.