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Roof Finial Pedestal

A cupola is an architectural hollow topiary ornamental structure rising from a roof or a dome of a building or structure. Cupolas often have tapered pointy roofs.

Hand Hammered Rustic Copper Roof Finial

Roof finial pedestals are distinctive decorative parts of a roof. They are the finishing touch to a building beautiful roof. A cupola, whose root base means “small dome” in Latin, is not only pleasing addition to most buildings or ranch homes but functional as well.

Roof finials serve provide protection to the roof from debris and weathering. There is a wide variety of designs, sizes, materials and finishes that can be used for these finial ornaments. They can be made of metal, wood, or stone. Finials were initially used to prevent birds from nesting on the roof. The most common type of finial is a small column with a tapered top.

A roof finial cupola has inspired many for beauty and function. The first cupolas designs originated in Islamic architecture in the 8th century. Minarets are towers that were built on mosques for calling the Islamic prayers five times a day.

A dome structure was added to the mosques top and these are the earliest forms of cupolas. These cupola domes became a decorative addition to buildings, towers, family houses, royal estates, sheds, garages and other structures.

Copper is a favorite for artisans to work with being a malleable metal, functional and has a rich appearance. Nowadays, many people top their house, yard, garden, shed, barn, structure, gazebo or pavilion with variety of cupola designs.