Trough Pure Copper Undermount Bathroom Sink


Drain strainer cover is not included in the sale.



Copper has been used for thousands of years Through history. Ancient Egyptians and Romans understood the natural antimicrobial properties of copper. They used it to build their hand tools, decorative jewelry and weapons as shown on museums displayed all over the world. Copper is durable, natural, earth friendly, reusable, recyclable and beautiful.

All our sinks are handmade and one of a kind. Each sink will have its own unique characteristics – no two sinks are identical. color, size, and design variations compared to the photo shown. Due to the Artisan Crafted nature of our copper bowls, dimensions and finish may slightly vary.

Our copper sinks are hand Made from a single sheet of the highest quality copper, then hand hammered by the best copper artisans in the world who gained their high skills through generations since Ancient Egyptians. The hand craftsmen heat and soften the metal over an open forge, using an anvil and hammer to transform the copper material sheet into a perfectly formed sink resulting in a durable and beautiful bathroom and kitchen sink bowls that will last for generations

Our sinks are handmade in different designs based on installation as overmount, undermount, drop in and vessel. Our vessel copper sinks are above counter or vanity sticking out above the cabinetry. They are exposed unlike standard sinks.

Buyer beware that our copper sinks are fully hand made from pure natural virgin copper from Europe. Unlike many copper sinks from China, Mexico and India which are made from recycled copper. Such low grade unsafe copper has lead and mercury.

Our virgin copper sinks are anti bacteria, microbes or viruses, Easy maintenance, sturdy. Copper is a metal that changes with time and reacts with various elements. While a new copper sink will add beauty and style to any decor, the natural oxidization process will make your sink look more beautiful with time.

Our sinks come in many finishes: Natural, antique brown patina, antique dark patina, verdigris and traditional polished. Some finishes such as the verdigris are achieved by accelerating the aging process which results in a distinctive green blue turquoise rustic patina color. The finish of a natural copper sink is naturally reddish in color and will vary from one sink to another. The sink may present dark spots or streaks due to the nature of the copper itself and the final look of the sink depends on the copper sheet it is made from. The color of the copper will gradually change with time, and it will take on a warm medium patina as it ages.

The best way to clean a copper sink is with regular soap and water. A mild detergent liquid dish washing soap and warm water can be used.  Do not use abrasive cleaners that may scratch the surface. Avoid water spots. Use a soft cloth to dry the surface. Wax application will help maintain the luster of your sink. Do not leave any acid foods on your sink for a long time. the acid may produce a shiny spot on your finish.


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