Satin Pure Copper Oven Tray Pan for Sweets and Baklava Baklaw Wife Gift Kitchen Cookware


Sizes: 14″X14″X1″, 12″X12″X1″, 10″X10″X1″



Copper has been used for thousands of years through history. Ancient Egyptians and Romans understood the natural antimicrobial properties of copper. They used it to build their hand tools, decorative jewelry and weapons as shown on museums displayed all over the world. Copper is durable, natural, earth friendly, reusable, recyclable and beautiful.

Egypt gift shops copper trays are hand Made from a single sheet of the highest quality copper, then hand hammered by the best copper artisans in the world who gained their high skills through generations since Ancient Egyptians, resulting in a durable and beautiful copper decorative items that will last for generations.



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