Rainbow Natural Pure Copper Round Table Top


Size and finish imperfections to be expected due to handcrafting. Maintenance and care for tops are simple using regular tape water and rug to keep them dry.  However, copper is a living metal. It oxidizes with air and water. A clear protective layer can be added to stop nature oxidization.


The rainbow copper table top is handmade by Egyptian Craftsmen Copper smiths from pure Copper. Perfect Adornment to your Kitchen, Living or Dinning Room. We make copper table tops for tables and counters by wrapping the hammered copper sheet around a strong plywood base. This keeps the copper’s shape stable and sturdy. The MDF plywood is surrounded by the copper on the top and sides of the table top.

Copper top maintenance includes dusting the top regularly, cleaning the surface using wet soft cloth, drying after wiping and periodic waxing.


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