Petite Basket Crystal Ceiling Chandelier


Size is about 12″X12″X12″. Other sizes are available per request. Size and finish imperfections to be expected due to handcrafting



Petite Basket Crystal Chandelier

  • The chandelier is hand beaded using crystal glass beads. Our chandeliers are wrapped in wire silver crystal glass tiny cylinder beads not plastic .

    Sometimes, the two types of plastic and glass beads cannot be distinguishable from each other. Thus, a few tricks are needed to tell the difference between plastic beads and glass crystal beads as follow:

    1. Heat up the beads using fire (lighter fire for example). Plastic beads melt. Crystal glass will not melt.

    2. Pick up the bead in your bare hand. Glass beads initially feel cool to the touch, because they are much denser than acrylic beads, which are most commonly used to imitate the glass beads. On the other side, the glass beads warm up pretty quickly in the hand, while it takes longer for the acrylic beads to change temperature.

    3. Measure the weight of the beads. Generally, the acrylic beads are much lighter than glass beads.

    4. If you have spare beads, you can also tell the difference by lightly tapping them with a hammer. Place the bead on a hard surface and tap it with the hammer. A glass bead will crack quite easily, while the hammer will bounce off a plastic bead under a light blow.

    The chandelier is accented by decoratively carved finial. Its grid work shade frame is completely covered in swirling crystals, while royal cut crystal beads line every opening. The lit chandelier disperses ambient light for a glimmering glow. The chandelier Looks stunning in daylight when the sunlight catches the cut glass embellishments and equally impressive in the evening especially when the light beams through.

    The ceiling chandelier is handmade and wired in Egypt using local available wires and European sockets. Modification using adapters to switch European sockets is a MUST for North America buyers before hanging the chandelier. Otherwise, rewiring is required. Not 2 chandeliers alike. Imperfections to be expected due to handcrafting.

    Hand Beaded by Egyptian Artisans.

  • Classic Old World Style Design.
  • Brass Canopy at the Top.
  • Brass Finial at the Bottom.
  • Vintage Appearance Basket Cage Ceiling Chandelier.
  • 30″ (75 cm) Chain is added Free of Charge.
  • Clear Glass Crystal Beads.
  • Customization is available.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 80 cm


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