Custom Made Copper Garden Feature Fountain Bowl


Bottom drain hole is 1.5″


TheĀ  copper bowl is part of our handmade collection. The bowl’s striking shape, size and texture showcase the beauty of copper to its fullest. It makes a great serving container, fruit bowl or a decorative centerpiece

Hand making bowls production method process starts by utilizing virgin pure copper sheeting. Remove any tapes or stains off the copper sheet surface . Draw required shapes to cut onto a copper sheet with pencil or a sharpie marker. Use snips (Large scissor) to cut the copper sheet into required sizes. Apply heat to copper with a torch. Copper starts to change color showing different shades of bright red, purple and blue. Copper changes colors because of surface oxidation. As it is heated, a layer of black copper oxide will form, thus changing its color. As the temperature increases, the oxide layer will get thicker. The copper needs to be softened in order to form it into bowls or any other shape. This process makes shaping the metal possible with hand tools and is called annealing.

Customization for size and finish is available. If you wish to design your own copper bowl, Please send us your drawings for a quote. The bowl has a rolled outside edge.Each one is uniquely hand hammered for a genuine appearance. Fill them with river stones, pebbles or use them as an elegant accent as a catch basin indoors or outdoors. It can be used as a stand alone feature, a water feature, bird bath, planter or ethanol burner.

Please Note: Due to the Artisan Crafted nature of our copper bowls, dimensions and finish may slightly vary.


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