Copper Spire Roofing Cupola Finial Sculpture


The finial topiary Size is about: 9″X9″X33″



The sale is for the round topiary Pyramidal structure finial and bottom pole. Topiary Size: 9″X9″X33″. The base Small Roof Mount Roof Support is not included and is available online and at hardware stores. The finial includes 3/4″ diameter a mounting steel rod, making it ready for mounting into a standard roof mount, garden pole or floor base. Assembly is required at destination. The finial can be used indoors and outdoors for decor.

A cupola, whose root base means “small dome” in Latin, is not only pleasing addition to most buildings or ranch homes but also has a function as well.

A cupola has inspired many for beauty and function. The first cupolas designs originated in Islamic architecture in the 8th century. Minarets are towers that were built on mosques for announcing the Islamic call to prayers 5 times a day. A dome structure was added to the mosques top and these are the earliest forms of cupolas. These cupola domes became a popular addition to buildings, royal estates, and other large structures.


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