Copper Sink Drain Hole Size 1.50 inch Cover Standard Bathroom Strainer


Strainer for 1.50″ standard size


Slight imperfections to be expected due to handcrafting. The raw copper strainers are suitable for fire heated and oil rubbed sinks. The green patina strainers are suitable for green patina sinks.

Copper has been used for thousands of years Through history. Ancient Egyptians used it to build their hand tools, decorative jewelry and weapons as shown on museums displayed all over the world. Copper is durable, natural, earth friendly, reusable, recyclable and beautiful.

Copper is a metal that changes with time and reacts with various elements. While a new copper sink will add beauty and style to any decor, the natural oxidization process will make your sink look more beautiful with time.

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Raw Copper, Green Copper


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