Copper Green Patina Distressed Leaf Oval Artistic Vessel Sink


Size: 15″X10″X 3.5″

The hand Crafting nature of the sink will produce minor differences in design and sizing. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece, adding to its unique qualities.


  • The sink is handmade from pure copper
  • Hand Hammered by Egyptian Artisans. Easy Maintenance.
  • Made of Pure Solid Natural Copper.
  • Standard Drain Hole 1.50″. Scratch Resistant.
  • Complement any household renovation project Above counter installation
  • Unique, Versatile, Decorative, Healthier
  • Enhance Bathroom Upgrading, Remodel, Renewal Customization is available.
  • Hand Making Process: The bowl is cut from virgin copper sheet, flame fired, formed as a bowl as shown then textured using primitive hand tools resulting in a durable beautiful bowl. Virgin pure copper sheeting is utilized. Remove the tape. Draw required shapes to cut onto a copper sheet with pencil or a sharpie marker. Use snips (Large scissor). Apply heat to copper with a torch, it starts to change color, turning different shades of bright red, purple and blue. Copper changes colors because of surface oxidation. As it is heated, a layer of black copper oxide will form, thus changing its color. As the temperature increases, the oxide layer will get thicker. The copper needs to be softened in order to form it into bowls or any other shape. This process makes shaping the metal possible with hand tools and is called annealing. The process is similar to Ancient Egyptians technique used centuries ago

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Fire Burnt, Antique Patina, Polished, Nickel Plated


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