Iron Chandeliers

The word Chandelier came from the Old French term chaundeler which means candlestick which is used as the source of light. Adding wrought iron chandeliers makes a difference in the look of the room. Every room in the house should be provided with a light fixture for illumination.

The chandelier is the focal point of the living rooms due to high activities in the living room. Other rooms like dining room, kitchen and the halls need a proper lighting for daily activities.

Wrought iron chandeliers are decorative lighting fixtures that hold bulbs or candles and are suspended from a ceiling. The chandeliers are called  lamps or lanterns. However, lamps and lanterns have different definitions than chandeliers.

Iron has a fabulous continuity and is currently becoming very popular. It fits in with anything, and it makes anything look better. Wrought iron chandeliers add elegance to any space and can be used as exterior or interior light decor.  European Wrought iron chandeliers come in variety of shapes and designs by forging the heated raw iron.

A1 Egypt is a supplier of a wide variety of beautiful classic and contemporary hand crafted ornamental wrought iron chandeliers for indoors, outdoors, home, lawn and garden.

All work is hand forged in Alexandria, Egypt by the best forgers in the world. Our high skilled blacksmiths always get it right, with no other tools than a kiln and a hammer. Our work is dedicated to the traditional work of blacksmiths. We hand-shape each piece one by one. Our most popular finish is distressed aged look rust ” Natural Finish”. Other hand-applied paint finishes are also available.

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