Metal Pedicure Bowls

Spa foot massage tubs have been used for thousands of years. Foot is a sensitive part of human body. Soaking foot in a pedicure bowl is essential for personal health care. It is rubbing the feet soles to relieve tight muscles and relieve tired feet. The relief is as a result of improvement in body blood circulation.  Blood carries nutrients to the cells and get ride of toxins and poisons away from the cells.

Therapists are the professional who perform foot massage. Regular people can handle basic foot massage using home massage tools without visiting a therapist.

Massage increases circulation, relieves tight muscles and relaxes tired feet. Beauty salons, Home, Clinics, Health care, Spas, resorts, Massage Centers are common places for foot wash massage.

Our metal massage bowls are hand made using one piece to prevent any leaks or seams.  A metal smith hand forge the metal piece and turn it to artistic textured surface foot massage bowl. The bowl is powder coated and fired resulting in a perfectly smooth surface that is stain, chip and scratch-resistant using electrostatic painting in an oven.

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