Industrial Lanterns

Industrial Pendant Lighting

Our light pendants will brighten many kitchens, hallways, hall islands and rooms at home and office.  Other names of pendant lighting is light suspenders and ceiling drops.  Light pendants usually match the kitchen furniture setting. For example,  Copper will match other copper products such as copper bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, copper table tops and copper bathtubs. Also, Classic pendant will match Antique style furniture. They can be hanged individually or in a classic row while modern pendant will match contemporary setting.

Copper Light Pendants

A1 Egypt classic antique reproductions kitchen pendants come in many sizes and variety of finishes. Copper lighting can be added to halls, kitchens and bathrooms at commercial and residential buildings. They add grace and style to hallways and other spaces.

Kitchen pendant lighting makes great home decor improvement. Installation of ceiling pendants need to be at the right height not too high as ceiling flush lights or low to not obstruct movement.

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