Handmade Copper Sinks

Handmade Copper Sinks

Shop copper sinks for bathroom vanities, kitchen remodeling, RV, cabin, trailer, counter and decor projects as vessel, undermount, drop in, custom design. We supply copper sink retail and wholesale to all over the world. Our copper sinks meets the highest quality standards. The copper anti microbial reactions made it popular in recent years to make copper bathroom sinks.  Products made in copper adds character, beauty and warmth to home.

Our copper bathroom sinks products are lead and mercury free, eco-friendly and green solution to implement the practices that will lead to healthier living for the planet and our future generations. We do not use recycled copper to hand make our copper sinks. We use pure, virgin unsealed copper.

 Copper History

Copper has been used for thousands of years through history. Ancient Egyptians and Romans understood the natural antimicrobial properties of copper. They used it to build their hand tools, decorative jewelry and weapons as shown on museums display all over the world. Copper is durable, natural, anti virus, anti microbe, anti bacteria, earth friendly, reusable, recyclable and beautiful.

Copper Sinks Decor

Our copper bathroom sinks while is the center focus of any bath space, it will fit with any classic or modern decor. Copper bathroom sinks makes a sudden impact in any room. Architects, builders, contractors, decorators, installers, interior designers, modelers and home owners use it for home improvements, bathrooms renovation, kitchen remodeling, household construction innovation, vacation homes restoration, RV cabin vehicles installation, apartments decorations, hotel building development, resorts upgrading and rehabilitation.

Copper Sinks Workmanship

All our copper bathroom sinks are hand made in Egypt by our skilled Egyptian artisans using old world unique process. Such knowledge is gained from generation to generation since the Pharaohs era. Although iron became the most popular ore, craftsmen still use copper to make great handicrafts.

Our copper bathroom sinks are designed to be fit into counter tops as drop in, over mount or under mount sinks. Vessel bathroom sinks are mounted on a vintage or finished furniture commodes.

Our craftsmen are people with high experience in hand making hammered copper sinks. Our sink bowls are handmade using classic old fashion small tools from beginning to end.

Copper Sinks Patina

Copper oxidizes and darkens with age through its natural patina showing rainbow multi color shades ending with turquoise green verdigris patina.  We offer our sinks in variety of finishes such as distressed weathered aged green verde oxidation, shabby chic industrial rustic fire flame burning, traditional shiny polishing, matte, rainbow colors and old world vintage antique patina. Our finishes are deep and will not fade away. They are almost maintenance free.

Copper Sinks Maintenance

Copper sinks are almost maintenance free. Regular soap and water are used to clean copper after each use or allowed to patina for a more natural organic look. Polished traditional shiny copper sinks can keep its luster using a lemon and rug.

Copper Sinks Custom Orders

A1 Egypt provides the best quality copper bathroom sinks at the lowest prices with %100 satisfaction guarantees. we are able to offer a superior products, at an affordable prices. We hand make our sinks in Alexandria, Egypt.  Customization is available per request. Our artisans will hand make any copper sink design of your own.

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