Copper Roof Finials

Roof finials have a long history dating back to ancient times. In ancient Greece and Rome, they were commonly used as decorative elements on temples and important public buildings. These ornate structures were seen as symbols of wealth and power. Over time, roof finials spread to other parts of the world and became popular in various architectural styles, including Gothic, Victorian, and Renaissance.

The primary purpose of roof finials was to divert rainwater away from the building, preventing damage to the structure. However, they also became a status symbol, representing the wealth and social standing of the building’s owner. Today, roof finials continue to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to both traditional and modern architectural designs.

Roof finials are not only decorative elements but also functional additions to buildings. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of structures while protecting them from thunderstorms and other natural elements. With a wide range of styles and materials available, there is a roof finial to suit every architectural design. By carefully selecting and installing roof finials, you can elevate the appearance of your building while ensuring its longevity and protection.

When selecting roof finials for your building, several factors should be taken into consideration. These include the architectural style of the structure, the desired aesthetic, and the material’s durability. It is also essential to consider the size and scale of the finials to ensure they harmonize with the overall design.

To find the perfect roof finials, consider consulting with a professional or visiting a reputable supplier. They can provide guidance on choosing the right style, material, and size based on your specific requirements.

People utilize roof finials to decorate their structures, buildings, houses, barns, shops, offices, garages, yards, gardens and indoors or outdoors pedestals. Meantime, finials protect structures from thunder.

We hand make copper, aluminum, stainless steel and iron roof finials in variety of sizes, shapes and finishes. Steel roof finials are economical alternative to copper finials. Customization is available per request.

Installing roof finials is a relatively simple process. However, it is essential to ensure that they are securely fastened to the roof to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is recommended to hire a professional to handle the installation, as they have the expertise and tools necessary to ensure a proper and secure attachment.

Our copper roof finials are hand forged by skilled copper smiths artisans. The artisans heat and soften the copper over an open forge, using an anvil and hammer to transform the copper sheet into a perfectly formed roof finial. We use pure virgin natural copper sheets. They will age gracefully and obtain a green patina over time. We also expedite the oxidation process by making the copper roof finials as rustic verdigris color.

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