Copper Fruit bowls

Copper fruit bowls are filled with fruits, chocolate, candy and are generally offered to the guests. These are also used as a decorative items in homes, offices and stores.  They come in different shapes and finishes.

copper cookware is an essential part of any kitchen. The great heat conduction properties makes copper the best material for cooking. It heats up evenly and more efficiently than aluminum and stainless steel. However, copper is a toxic material unless the mix contains a large sugar content such as jam, jelly, marmalade, chocolate, candy orange peel and lemon peel and ice cream. It is advised that the mix to be prepared before placing it in the copper pan for cooking as unlined interior of copper preserving pan doesn’t react with jam while cooking. Lifting a copper pot off the heat stops boiling almost instantaneously. And when you lower or raise the heat, temperature is transferred to the pot very quickly.

Unlike sugar mix content, other acidic food require tin lining to prevent a toxic reaction between copper surface and the food

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