Copper Birdbath Pools

The bird bath pools are decorative and functional to attract bird wild life outdoors. It can be used as a bird feeder and a bath in gardens and yards. It also add light and depth to any outdoors settings.

Copper has been used for thousands of years through history. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used it to build their hand tools, decorative jewelry and weapons as shown on museums displayed all over the world. Copper is durable, natural, earth friendly, reusable, recyclable and beautiful.

Copper is better than all other metals and terracotta to build a bird bath pools.  Mosquitoes can’t breed in copper.  Algae can’t grow in copper. The water stays fresh for long times. It is easier to maintain copper than all other materials.

Choosing the right size of birdbath pools from our selection depends on size of garden. Large dish pools are suitable for large gardens and will attract large and small birds while small dish pools are for smaller gardens and will attract smaller birds. All our bird bath pools will serve as a reflection water pools. The reflective pools are eye catching to see the trees through the blue sky.

Our birdbath pools are handmade professionally by highly skilled artisans. They can be mounted without any bottom support or ring on flat surfaces. They are artistically textured and dots of hammer impressions will blend with water in addition to a strong hoop at the top lip. Our %100 handmade dish pools bowls collection are more sturdy and stunning than any other pools bowls sold elsewhere.

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