Moorish Civilization

When Europe was living in the dark ages, Islamic civilization was blossoming, and the advances during this period are more relevant to the modern world than those of the Ancient Egyptians.

Muslims arrived in Spain in 711 C.E. They were mainly Arabs and Berbers of North Africa. Within two decades a majority of the inhabitants of Andalus accepted Islam freely in recognition of the peace, security and the freedom of religion. (Gothic Princess Sara). By 770 C.E. people of all races from North Africa and Arabs migrated to Andalusia (Spain and Portugal) by year 770 C.E.. During the reign of Abd Rahman, (755-788), they began the work of building an Islamic civilization. They had developed a civilization far in advance of any in Europe.

The Muslims of the Iberian Peninsula, who ruled Spain between 711 and 1492 C.E. are commonly known as the Moors. The word Moors is a word referring to the people who came from Morocco. The Christians of the Iberian Peninsula used this term for Muslims when the Muslims lost control of northern parts of Spain and Portugal.They called their land Andalus The word Andalusia is derived from the Arabic word Al-Andalus.

Who discovered America or the new world?. Muslims from Spain and West Africa arrived in the Americas at least five centuries before Columbus. They sailed to the west from the Spanish port of Delba (Palos). The Atlantic Ocean was called the Ocean of darkness an fog at this time. They returned after a long absence from a new land. People of Muslim origin are known to have accompanied Columbus and subsequent Spanish explorers to the new world Americas. All credit was given to Columbus and non to Muslims.

Muslims were defeated at Tours-Poitiers (about two-thirds of the way to Paris) during the month of Ramadan in 732 CE. Muslim control of Toulouse, Narbonne, Lyon and nearby territories varied from time to time.