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Crystal Basket Lighting Hand Making

Adding a light fixture make a difference anywhere. Illumination is needed for indoors and outdoors. A chandelier is a source medium of light. The word Chandelier came from the Old French term chaundeler which means candlestick which is used as the source of light.

Our skilled artisans use glass crystal beads to hand craft crystal ceiling chandeliers, wall lights sconces appliques, lanterns, table lamps, floor lamps and. Metal basket skeletons are used to handle variety of requested shapes to support the beads, flowers, round glass grapes and rain drops icicles. The light go through the light fixtures draw nice shades at the surrounding walls. We supply decorators and artists with hand blown flowers, rain drops icicles and glass grapes. all come in variety of decorative colors. We supply glass parts for home improvements repairs and replacements. Jewelers utilize the middle hole hand blown flowers, rain drops and glass grapes to make jewelry such as earrings and necklaces