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pros and cons of using a copper sink

Copper sinks are a great option for home owners who are looking to add some flair and style to their bathroom and kitchen . The pros of copper sinks include their light weight, which makes them easy to move around or install in houses with a small bathroom or kitchen. Copper also has anti-bacterial and anti microbial properties that will help to prevent bacteria and microbes from growing on the surface of the sink.

Flamed Undermounted Copper Sink

The installation of a copper sink is not as complicated as the other types of sinks. Copper sinks come in different finishes, designs and sizes so it can be customized to fit the needs of each individual kitchen or bathroom. Copper sinks can be recycled compared to other sinks made of other materials.

Rustic Green Tree Leaf Copper Sink

The cons of copper sinks are that they are costly than other types of metal sinks, so it is difficult for some people to justify the cost when considering all the other expenses that come with home ownership and renewal projects. Also, handcrafted copper sinks are more expensive than machine copper sinks. Copper is also prone to scratching, which means homeowners will have to take extra care not only when they clean their sink but also during regular use.

Shiny Pan Copper Sink

Other downside of shiny copper sinks is that they require more maintenance than other sink materials. This is because they need to be polished with care every few months in order to avoid tarnishing or oxidation. Rustic copper sinks needs to be sealed with varnish to keep patina for longer time. Many copper sinks are handcrafted by skilled artisans. They take more time during hand making versus other machine made sinks. Due to hand crafting, not 2 sinks are %100 alike versus machine made sinks

Copper is a Superior Material

  1. Copper has the symbol Cu in the periodic table and atomic number 29
  2. Copper pedicure bowls offer a wide range of health benefits
  3. Water stored in copper bowls is healthier than water stored elsewhere
  4. Copper is lead free and eco-friendly
  5. Copper is anti bacterial and destroy Foot Bacteria upon contact
  6. Copper is anti microbial and suppress growth of microbes
  7. Blood improves human body blood circulation
  8. Copper enables the body to form red blood cells
  9. Copper removes dead skin cells
  10. Copper soothes muscles and skin
  11. Copper keeps human body temperature lower
  12. Copper maintains blood pressure since it is a good conductor of heat
  13. Copper cleans the colon and relieves constipation
  14. Copper destroys marine life in harbors
  15. Copper is a good electrical and thermal conductor
  16. Copper is a corrosion resistant
  17. Copper is recyclable
  18. Copper is ductile, malleable and not magnetic
  19. Copper element found in human bones, liver and muscles
  20. Copper is a tough metal, does not brittle and easy to alloy
  21. Popular copper alloys are brass, bronze and sterling silver
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Crystal Basket Ceiling Chandelier

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